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The Street Bob is one of the most iconic Harley Davidson motorcycles. It has been around since the mid-90s, and has become a favorite among bikers all over the world. With its classic American style and amazing performance, the Street Bob is a perfect example of what makes Harley Davidson such an iconic brand. This guide will give you all the information you need to know about the Street Bob, from its history to its features and performance. The Street Bob is part of the Dyna model family, which includes some of the most popular and powerful motorcycles Harley Davidson has ever made.

With its classic look and reliable performance, the Street Bob is sure to get you noticed wherever you ride. So if you're looking for a reliable and stylish Harley Davidson bike, the Street Bob is a great choice. The Street Bob motorcycle is a popular model from the Harley Davidson Dyna family. It has an iconic look, classic styling, and a powerful engine that gives it a robust performance. With its unique styling and impressive specs, the Street Bob is one of the most desirable bikes in the Dyna lineup. The Street Bob features a powerful air-cooled 1,202cc Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine.

This engine provides an impressive performance with smooth acceleration and is capable of delivering up to 114 lb-ft of torque. The Street Bob also features dual disc brakes for reliable stopping power and adjustable suspension for a comfortable ride. The frame of the Street Bob is made from lightweight steel and has a classic bobber look with a low-slung seat and sleek bodywork. The handlebars are mid-rise for a comfortable riding position and the wheels and tires are specially designed for optimal performance. The advantages of the Street Bob’s components are that they provide an agile and responsive ride that can handle different types of terrain.

The powerful engine provides plenty of power to accelerate quickly and provides a smooth ride. The brakes provide reliable stopping power while the adjustable suspension allows for a comfortable ride. The frame is lightweight and provides an iconic bobber look. The mid-rise handlebars provide a comfortable riding position while the wheels and tires are designed for optimal performance. The Street Bob also stands out from other models in the Dyna family with its classic bobber style.

It has a low-slung seat, sleek bodywork, and an iconic look that makes it stand out from other models. It also has various customization options available including different handlebars, seats, exhaust systems, and wheel sizes. Accessories such as saddlebags, windscreens, and chrome accents can also be added to give it a more personal touch. The ride experience with the Street Bob is excellent. It has an agile feel that allows it to easily maneuver around corners and quickly accelerate when needed.

The suspension is adjustable so you can find a setting that’s comfortable for you. The bike also handles different types of terrain well so you can enjoy a smooth ride regardless of where you’re going. In addition, the bike is comfortable to ride so you won’t get tired easily. The Street Bob is available in several price ranges depending on your budget. It is generally more affordable than other models in the Dyna family but still offers excellent performance and value for money.

Harley Davidson also offers various promotions and special offers on their motorcycles so you can get great deals on the Street Bob. The Street Bob is an excellent choice for riders who are looking for a classic style bike with robust performance. Its powerful engine provides plenty of power while its adjustable suspension ensures a comfortable ride. It also has various customization options available so you can make it your own. In addition, it’s more affordable than other models in the Dyna family so you can get great value for money.

With its iconic style and impressive specs, the Street Bob is one of the most desirable bikes in the Harley Davidson lineup.


The Street Bob features a dual-disc braking system on the front wheel, giving it a powerful and reliable braking performance. The brake discs are made of high-grade stainless steel for superior durability and heat dissipation. The rear brake uses a single disc for superior stopping power and braking control. Both the front and rear brakes are designed to provide consistent and reliable performance in all riding conditions.

In addition, the Street Bob also features an anti-lock braking system (ABS) for added safety and control. The Street Bob's braking system is designed to offer excellent responsiveness and control, allowing the rider to confidently bring the bike to a stop in any situation. The powerful brakes also make it easy to slow down quickly when needed, giving you greater control over your ride. Thanks to its impressive braking system, the Street Bob is able to easily handle the toughest of roads and terrain with ease.


Frame The Street Bob has an innovative frame design that offers superior balance and control. The frame is constructed from high-strength steel, providing excellent rigidity and strength.

With its low center of gravity, the Street Bob offers superior handling in all kinds of terrain. The frame also helps to minimize the overall weight of the bike, allowing it to be more agile and maneuverable. The Street Bob's frame design also plays a role in the bike's weight distribution, helping to keep the weight evenly distributed for optimal performance. This helps the bike to achieve smoother cornering and improved stability at higher speeds. The frame design also helps to reduce vibration, providing a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads.


The Street Bob is powered by a 1,746 cc V-Twin engine.

It produces up to 92 horsepower and has a maximum torque of up to 118 ft-lbs. Additionally, it has a 6-speed transmission and has a fuel economy of approximately 47 mpg. The Street Bob's engine is designed to deliver a powerful performance. Its torque is especially impressive, allowing for fast acceleration and a smooth ride.

Additionally, the 6-speed transmission gives the bike more control and responsiveness when riding. The Street Bob's fuel economy is also impressive, allowing riders to save money on fuel costs. It's also worth noting that the bike is equipped with an Eco Mode, which further improves its fuel efficiency. Overall, the Street Bob's engine is designed to provide a powerful and efficient performance that will satisfy any rider.

Its impressive specs make it one of the most desirable bikes in the Dyna lineup.


The Street Bob motorcycle offers riders an ergonomic seat that provides comfort and support. The seat is contoured to fit the natural curvature of the spine and is well-padded to absorb shocks from the road. The height of the seat is adjustable, allowing riders to customize it to suit their individual needs. The ergonomic design of the seat helps to reduce fatigue while riding and makes it easier for riders to stay in a comfortable position for longer periods of time.

The seating position also allows for greater visibility on the road, making it easier to spot potential hazards and obstacles. The ergonomics of the seat on the Street Bob make it an ideal choice for riders who want comfort as well as performance. The combination of the adjustable height and supportive padding allows riders to ride for hours without feeling strain or discomfort. The ergonomic seat contributes to the overall experience of riding a Street Bob, making it one of the most popular models in the Dyna lineup.


The Street Bob has a superior suspension system that offers great ride comfort and handling. The front suspension is a 49mm telescopic fork that provides a smooth ride, while the rear suspension is a hidden shock absorber that is adjustable for preload.

This provides the rider with a responsive and comfortable ride no matter the terrain. The suspension also helps to provide stability when cornering, helping to ensure that the bike stays in control. The Street Bob's suspension system is also designed to be durable and long-lasting. The suspension components are made of high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday riding. The system is also adjustable, allowing riders to customize their ride according to their preferences.

As a result, riders can get the perfect balance between comfort and handling.

Wheels & Tires

The Street Bob is equipped with a 19-inch front wheel and a 16-inch rear wheel. The wheels are made of lightweight aluminum alloy, which makes them strong and durable. The tires are designed for superior grip and handling, helping the bike to hug the curves and provide excellent acceleration. The tires also feature an improved tread pattern that helps reduce the risk of hydroplaning and provides better traction when riding in wet conditions. The wheels and tires have a major impact on the performance of the Street Bob.

The lightweight alloy wheels help reduce the bike's overall weight, allowing it to accelerate faster and maneuver better. The tires provide superior grip, allowing the bike to hold tight turns and provide a smoother ride. The tread pattern helps improve traction in wet conditions, making it easier to control the bike in slippery conditions. The combination of lightweight alloy wheels and superior grip tires make the Street Bob an ideal bike for those who are looking for a powerful and reliable ride. With its combination of performance and style, the Street Bob is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.


The Street Bob's handlebar design is iconic and iconic.

Its shape and placement provide a great level of control for the rider, allowing for precise maneuvering while riding. The handlebars are designed to be comfortable, with a wide grip area and raised risers that make it easier to reach the levers. The handlebars are also adjustable, allowing riders to customize their riding position for maximum comfort. The handlebars also feature a sleek, ergonomic design with an attractive chrome finish. They have a low profile for improved aerodynamics and are designed to reduce wind resistance when in motion.

The handlebars provide a strong grip when steering and are engineered to absorb vibrations, making for a smoother ride experience. The Street Bob's handlebars are designed to give the rider full control over their ride. They provide excellent maneuverability and responsiveness, allowing riders to swiftly respond to changes in terrain. With its ergonomic design and comfortable grip area, the handlebars of the Street Bob provide an exceptional level of control and stability. The Harley Davidson Street Bob is a classic motorcycle that offers a unique style and impressive performance.

With its powerful engine, robust brakes, comfortable seat, adjustable suspension, lightweight frame, ergonomic handlebars, durable wheels and tires, it is an ideal choice for riders looking for a reliable bike with great looks. The Street Bob is an excellent value for money option in the Dyna family.

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