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Are you looking for a reliable and powerful ride? Look no further than the Harley Davidson Street Bob. With its classic styling and modern engineering, this is a bike that’s designed to take you wherever you want to go. But before you make the decision to buy, you may want to read what other riders have to say about their experiences. In this article, we’ll explore the customer reviews of the Harley Davidson Street Bob, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to buy.

The first thing to note is that customer reviews for the Street Bob are overwhelmingly positive


Many customers praised the bike's classic design, as well as its modern features like ABS brakes, powerful engine, and comfortable ride. When it comes to reliability, most customers reported that the Street Bob was reliable and held up well over time. However, some customers did mention that they had experienced minor issues with the bike, such as a faulty brake light or a loose chain. Overall, most customers were satisfied with the performance of their Street Bob.

Many noted that the bike had plenty of power and was surprisingly agile and responsive. Customers also praised the comfortable ride and adjustable suspension. In terms of fuel economy, customers reported that the Street Bob was reasonably efficient. It was also noted that the bike had a good range, allowing riders to go further without needing to refuel.

When it comes to value for money

, most customers felt that the Street Bob was a great deal.

The bike has modern features at a relatively affordable price point.


The Harley Davidson Street Bob is a popular motorcycle with overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Customers praise its classic styling and modern features like ABS brakes, powerful engine, and comfortable ride. Reliability is generally good and fuel economy is reasonable. Most customers feel that the bike offers great value for money. Overall, the Harley Davidson Street Bob is an excellent choice for riders looking for an iconic, classic design with modern performance features.

It has great value for money and is a reliable and enjoyable ride.

Pros & Cons

ProsThe Harley Davidson Street Bob has a classic, timeless design that many riders find appealing. It also has modern performance features, including an air-cooled engine and fuel injection, which offer more power and better fuel efficiency than traditional carburetor-style engines. Riders also appreciate the Street Bob's adjustable suspension, which can be tuned to provide a smooth ride. Customers also report that the bike is comfortable to ride, even over long distances. Many people feel that the Street Bob offers great value for money.


Some customers have reported issues with the reliability of the Street Bob's electrical system.

Others have complained about the lack of storage space on the bike, as well as the limited range of accessories available for it. The Street Bob is not suitable for off-road riding due to its low ground clearance and lack of off-road capabilities. The bike is also heavier than some other models, which can make it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. The Harley Davidson Street Bob is an iconic motorcycle with plenty of modern features. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, praising its classic styling, performance, reliability, fuel economy, and value for money. If you're looking for an iconic classic with modern performance features, the Street Bob could be an excellent choice.

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